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The French government is calling on citizens to restore justice!

About - PCI Public Crime Investigation

Catch the killer!

You will lead criminal investigations:
Video statements, interactive dialogues, photos of crime scenes and clues, police reports, autopsy reports, detailed suspect files, text messages, photos, interactive police interrogation videos…

Unravel the story, collect evidence, conduct searches, find the murderers and their motive to make sure that justice is served.

PCI Public Crime Investigation is an on online detective game. You must have a good internet connection.

The game can be played on smartphone, tablet or PC. You can play on our website www.pciagent.com or download the app for Android or iOS. You can switch from one device to another with the same account. You can play solo or with multiple players on the same screen, and it's better with friends.

PCI Public Crime Investigation has developed a unique and immersive gaming narrative. It's played as if you were the star of a TV series.
You can create characters that you play. They may be chosen by the team to feature in one of the investigations.

PCI was created in 2017 by four French guys who were passionate about their project. Their idea was simple: to develop a realistic, narrative-based crime investigation game. It would be a mix of Clue, NCIS, and a video game, with a dash of Tarantino on top.

Benoit de Labouret, known as Ben, is the creative mind behind the project. His ambition was to create the ultimate criminal investigation game: one that's immersive, realistic, funny, and intriguing.

Ben was quickly joined by art director, graphic artist, and web designer Jean-Luc Fontaine. Their parthership worked really well. Jean-Luc brought Benoît's ideas to life.

With his 28 years of experience as a police officer, and author of six detective novels, Eric Oliva naturally became the scriptwriter for the game, bringing his experience with criminal procedure and investigation techniques to the project.

With a passion for movies, literature and theater, Thomas Fournier rounded out the team with his experience in directing actors.

What about the code? Well, Valentin Bouchet, THE developer the whole Silicon Valley would dream of having, is taking care of it!

On September 1, 2017, "Dark night for Damien Schwartz" was first published online in French. The case earned PCI Agent a Ping Award nomination.

Since then, PCI has continued to grow. The game mechanics and video quality are constantly refined.

The game has first been launch on web, then on mobile apps, and will be available on steam starting November 25th 2021. And if the game works well enough on steam, we will be able to produce more investigations!

Cinema: Quentin Tarantino, Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese, Emir Kusturica, David Lynch, Brian De Palma.
TV Series: Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot, Dexter, Mindhunter, 13 Reasons Why, 24.
Literature: Eric Oliva, Franck Thilliez, Maurice G. Dantec, Virginie Despentes, Vincent Ravalec, Jack Kerouac.
Video Games: Quantic Dream productions, Lifeline, Her story, In mémoriam.
Others: WEI or Die, Phallaina, Enki Bilal, Bandersnatch.